We expect to have another test drive event later this year.


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This will be our 5th crowd sourced event to benefit parents considering cargo bikes to transport their children by helping them to be able talk to a variety current parent owners that live in their community and try out the bikes.   The goal is to supplement information from online and bike shop visits.  Test driving in a park can be easier than in the streets around a bike shop for new riders.   It is also a fun social event for everyone.      

This may or may not be an event suitable for children, especially for the owners-many children are not patient enough to wait patiently while adults speak, your mileage may vary!   We are doing it next to a playground and we will bring some of our play equipment that we have at our bike rides.

Bring a helmet for any adult that is going to test drive and any child that is going to test ride.

Danehy Park is large, we will be meeting near the unnamed playground circled in map below, see photo below as well.   There is a central paved bike road for bikes that can be used for the test drives.   Google map link.

Shoppers will have to leave their state or federal photo IDs with the owners of the bike while test driving.   

Light refreshments provided!   Feel free to bring some too.

If you appreciate the work we do, feel free to donate!

Family Bike Ride receives support for 2024 event expenses from these sponsors, who may be on site to supplement information provided by volunteers.    We believe in providing a wide range of opinions and options don't favor any particular manufacturer, bike shop, or repair service.

Additional financial support is provided by:

Past Test Drive Events:

2023 October 1 - Danehy Park

2023 April 30th - Danehy Park

2022 September 25th - Danehy Park

2022 April 10th - Somerville Community Path @ Lowell Street