Spring 2024 Family Bike Ride

Sunday April 28th, 2024 @ 3:30PM

Sekler Playground on Memorial Drive; Cambridge  

Join us for the 3rd Annual Spring Family Bike Ride!    Featuring community, a beautiful curated ride on both sides of the Charles River, a cookie potluck*, a fun playground destination and the Family Bike Ride collection of outdoor play equipment.   

Parents must accompany children at all times.    

Registration (one registration per family): click here.  

There is no fee to register, event is open to public, donations are encouraged to support Family Bike Ride operations.   We are a parent organized group and the ride has expenses of permits, 2 required park rangers, portable restroom, insurance, safety equipment, graphics, play equipment, food and more.   We receive some support from sponsors but rely on participant financial support as well.


3:30PM Gather on a closed to cars Memorial Drive in front of Sekler Playground.   There will be no bathroom for our brief time at this start location so make sure to take care of business before leaving the house.

3:50PM-4:00PM Remarks  

4:00PM The ride is a safe 2.1 mile ride mostly on closed to cars Memorial Drive and Paul Dudley White Path to Artesani Playground.   There are no auto crossings, but we do need to ride on the bike lane of Anderson Memorial Bridge.   We will be adding cones to add visuals and our mass of riders will be a signal to cars to stay carefully in their lane.    It will be necessary to ride single file for much of the ride.

Please ride slow, yield to pedestrians, stay to the right, give space to other riders, pass on the left.    Parents please coach your kids in these rules.    

4:30PM to whenever play at Artesani Park on the fun play structures and with our own play equipment and we will set out tables for the cookie potluck.    There will be a portable restroom.

*Families are encouraged but not required to bring cookies to share.   Indicate on the registration form what you are bringing.    For those bringing cookies not store packaged, please indicate the allergen status of the cookie with respect to dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, soy, gluten but those with serious allergies nevertheless should use their judgement and consider sticking to packaged options.   We will make sure there are Passover certified options.   

There is no group ride back, families depart on their own.   

Thank you to our 2024 primary sponsors:

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Route and photos of Sekler Playground start location:

A few photos of the route:

Artesani Park: